TYMR – Events Social Network

TYMR TYMR is a mobile and web service for discovering, planning and promoting any type of event. We’ve built TYMR to facilitate event management and to promote events more effective, by combining a social network with a dedicated event management tool. Its used by a wide range of customers, from single friends party organizers, to professional conference promoters. The social network platform integrates dynamic features (such as activity streams, subscriptions and others) with a complete catalog focused on geolocation and scheduling. We also surprise our users with a detailed recommendation system, that foresees the intended search and suggests events according to their profile, social graph, location, etc. Through our paid modules and tools, such as a ticketing system, feedback surveys, user analytics or partnership deals, we kill the pain of venues and professional event organizers

Agudacar – Car Trade

Agudacar Agudacar is automotive marketing company, in the business since 1986. Initially officials of Toyota brand, has expand marketing to new vehicles of all existing brands in the Portuguese market, transacting also used / semi-new vehicles of high quality and reliability. Agudacar has a wide range of services, where we highlight a workshop for the exclusive use of vehicles sold by them, thus focusing on the preparation of the vehicles for sale and after sale.

Hello World!

And TRICUBO has now its place on the World Wide Web!

We are a new generation studio: we keep things simple and straight to the point. We listen, we think, we make, we deliver and we market.

For us consulting is about being creative while keeping in mind the requirements and objectives proposed by the client.

Olá Mundo!

E o TRICUBO tem agora seu lugar na World Wide Web!

Somos uma agência da nova geração que fornece sólidas soluções digitais para o seu negócio. Mantemos as coisas simples e somos diretos ao assunto. Escutamos, pensamos, fazemos, entregamos e publicitamos.

Para nós a consultadoria é sermos criativos, mantendo em mente as necessidades e objetivos propostos pelo cliente.